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Due to its high level of specialization in legal matters relating to labor and human resources matters, HR & Career Services (Career Development), corporate & commercial advice, as well as advising on tax and inmigration issues.
Because we unsderstand your requirements, we know what doors to touch for your labor & human resources needs, and we understand your time constraints and your willing to save costs.

Law & Human Resources Firm

(Services rendered in Latin America & Spain)

Practice Areas

Labor & Human Resources

- Talent Attraction & Selection -

Labor & Human Resources

We provide labor-consulting services, in accordance with current labor and social security legislation, as well as related laws and regulations. We carry out labor due diligence procedures; we monitor compliance with labor regulations, in cases of hiring, temporary employee leave in various circumstances, termination of employment contracts, as well as on labor audits with respect to merger and acquisition processes.

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Corporate & Commercial Law

We provide legal services in the corporate and commercial areas, including general corporate matters and drafting, revision and negotiation of commercial contracts and other types of operations that include incorporation, restructuring, M&A and dissolution of companies, and the formulation of basic and complexes contractual schemes according to each business.

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Tax Advice

We provide tax advisory services, including tax legal consulting, tax litigation, procedures before the tax authorities, tax planning & compliance, and advice on tax incentives for different sectors (retail sector, renewable energy, tourism, Free Zones etc.). We also support the client in consultancies and legal procedures relating to municipal and customs issues before the competent entities.

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Inmigration Advice

We provide advice relating to the global mobility of human resources, investors and entrepreneurs, particularly focused on mobility from Latin America to the European Union, with special emphasis on Spain, including its legal, labor, and tax implications, employability and / or entrepreneurship, and issues with respect to relocation of family groups, in accordance with different regimes, e.g. investor, non-profit regime, qualified professional, studies and / or research, among others.

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    Investment Advice

    We support the client in the implementation of national and foreign investment projects, labor advice and processing of migratory documents and commercial operation licenses. We provide legal advice on the start-up of businesses, real estate matters and property acquisition, including its registration before competent public records and notary services.

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