Who we are?

We are a company with extensive knowledge and experience in human resources, our goal is to connect the Employer with the Human Resource, through a swift and friendly recruitment & selection process adhering to rules and safety.

Given our continuous contact -through @Gammalegal and our social networks- since 2019, with individuals from several countries of origin and careers, we have accumulated a versatile experience in connecting the Employer needs with the Human Resource, as well as Human Resource needs with the Employer.

Gamma Legal


Our Vision

We match mutual needs belonging to the EMPLOYER and the Candidate, by making a deep analysis regarding hard and soft skills for Employability, such as:  commitment, performance, and adaptability to changes, and based on our successful and accurate Interview method.

Although we assist ourselves with technological tools, we are not limited to being a remote function platform: we are individuals in the area of ​​human resources and we get directly involved in the selection process.


Our Mission

Based on our Human Resources knowledge, we connect the Employee´s professional and personal history with the Employer´s work culture.


Our History

Managing and developing human talent is what we do the best. We start by advising in a B2C way, to workers from different countries of Latin America, since 2019, who needed an expert hand in terms of seeking employment and optimizing their skills; and now we moved to B2B, towards companies, to connect companies with suitable workers.



Our Gammalancers project joins remote English-speaking Free-Lance talent from Latin America with companies in Europe, through our gateway in Spain.

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