Labor & Human Resources

Labor & Human Resources

Labor & Human Resources

We provide labor-consulting services, in accordance with current labor and social security legislation, as well as related laws and regulations. We carry out labordue diligenceprocedures; we monitor compliance with labor regulations, in cases of hiring, temporary employee leave in various circumstances, termination of employment contracts, as well as on labor audits with respect to merger and acquisition processes. 


At the same time, we support in carrying out an evaluation of labor relations and human resources situation, based on the union relationship and works councils, we participate in union negotiations, and we generate value proposals. 


From the point of view of value propositions, we analyze employee value propositions and embed them in internal regulations, including compensation and benefits regulations. 


We Impact on the productivity and profitability of your staff

We perform an analysis of the employee value propositions based on KPIs related to retention, staff turnover, talent development, among others. At the same time, we propose rules regarding intangible value proposals such as training and conciliation; or metallic ones such as compensation and benefits, and other types of metallic or in-kind remuneration.


We generate employee value proposition aimed at your Talent Atraction & Selection strategy.

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