Human Resources Form

The answers to the following questions will not be evaluated as good or bad in any case. The intention is to obtain your point of view, for the purposes of a HR selection process.

4. How would you act in this case? Explain.

A friend picks you up in his car to go to your work. On the road he runs over a person (without causing serious physical damage to the pedestrian), since he is driving at 70 km/h in an area whose maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h. The police arrives, there are no witnesses, only you.
Your friend recommends that you testify under oath that he was driving at 50km/h, to exempt him from legal consequences and/or serious administrative fines. Consider that on that stretch of road there are no cameras that corroborate the speed your friend was driving. What would you do?

  • a. Would you testify under oath saying that your friend was driving at 50Km/h? to save him consequences or administrative fines?
  • b. Would you actually say that your friend was driving at 70km/h?

  • Justify your answer.

5. How would you act in this case? Explain.

If there is a conflict between two co-workers in your department, which is delaying your department's compliance with deliverables or goals, would you intervene in the conflict as a mediator or conciliator, or would you let they deal with the conflict on their own?
Consider that your immediate boss (nor any other boss) is expressly asking you to intervene in said conflict. That is to say, your intervention would be voluntary on your part. How would you act? Would you propose any solution?
Justify your answer.

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