National and Foreign investment

We support the client in the implementation of national and foreign investment projects, labor advice and processing of migratory documents and commercial operation licenses. We provide legal advice on the start-up of businesses, real estate matters and property acquisition, including its registration before competent public records and notary services.


  • Regulation and constitution of condominium regime (commercial, residential, and/or touristic condominium)
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Investment projects in agribusiness (cocoa, tobacco, among others)
  • Other projects.


The implementation of a project entails a number of legal, tax, contractual, regulatory and technical-permit requirements, which must be done in a way that does not alter the start of your commercial operations. At Gamma Legal, we have extensive legal experience in the step by step of this implementation.

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Nicaragua has invaluable natural resources, such as beaches, volcanoes, lagoons, lakes, paradisiacal islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean coast, among others, subject to be potentialized from the tourism point of view and the generation of renewable energies.


“Law of incentives for the tourist industry of the Republic of Nicaragua” (Act No. 306) grants up to 80% of income tax exemption from the entry into operation of the tourist project, for a period of 10 years, and other taxes exonerations such as VAT and Import Tariffs; while “Law for the Promotion of Electricity Generation with renewable sources” (Act No. 532) grants income tax exemption for 7 years from the entry into commercial operation of an energy project, in addition to VAT and Import Tariffs exonerations, and staggered exoneration of municipal taxes in the operative stage.


There are also other laws that grant special incentives for other sectors or business areas, such as Free Zones or forestry sector.

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